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Looking to upgrade your insurance portfolio? Turn to United Agencies, Inc. Based in Cape Canaveral, FL, our insurance company offers niche insurance products to insurance agents and marketing organizations nationwide. Partner with us today and we will help you provide a wider range of insurance options for your customers. To get started, browse through our website today and check out our available insurance plans.

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Our Insurance Marketing Company’s Mission

United Agencies, Inc. is strongly dedicated to providing comprehensive life insurance plans with outstanding commissions and reliable service to agents, agencies, and independent marketing organizations.

Offering Complete Administrative Assistance

Established in 1978, United Agencies, Inc. is an established insurance company recognized and trusted by agents, agencies, and organizations nationwide for providing a variety of attractive insurance plans with outstanding commissions. In addition, our company also offers complete administrative services and support to each agent and agency. We can help with licensing, applications, underwriting, and more. With departments for both marketing and licensing administration, we make writing business as simple and hassle-free as possible. From filling out initial licensing paperwork to handling underwriting issues, we have you covered.

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United Agencies, Inc. is your partner in life insurance. We continuously upgrade our product line to provide you with a more extensive selection of life insurance products that are both consumer and agent friendly. Get in touch with us today and discover what we have in store for you!

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